Watch Tv Actors Unbelievable Transformation From Fat to Fit!!!

tv actors unbelievable transformation

TV Stars Who Made A Buzz By Going From Fat To Fit


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Rashmi Desai, a popular TV actress and a fabulous dancer in her own right, also lost some 10 kgs to rock a fitter frame. However, when we talk about Rashmi, we cannot help but mention that there were reports that she underwent liposuction treatment to look fitter. Rashmi herself never admitted that she ever resorted to the procedure.

Ex Bigg Boss contestant and Bhojpuri actress Mona Lisa recently shared a few pictures of herself where she is looking visibly fit. The woman divulged that she has shed as much as 10 kilos. She added that when she entered Bigg Boss house, she was at 70 kg and now she stands at 60. The lady wants to shed another 5 kgs for which she is taking a proper diet and is working very hard in the gym.

But if you thought that Mona Lisa was the only actress who went from being fat to fit, we have had many actresses who broke their set image by undergoing drastic weight loss makeovers. And while female actresses lead the game, there are many male television actors as well who rose to fame after they got rid of those extra kilos and then struggled in the industry to land themselves the right role that would make the buzz; and buzz they are making.