This Wrongly Timed Photograph of Virat kohli with Archana Vijaya Is Going Viral

Archana Vijaya

Archana Vijaya Is The Current And One Of The Most Glamorous Anchors To Host The Indian T20 Series

The current captain of the Indian cricket team and the captain of the Bangalore team in the ongoing T20 series is back dawning headlines yet again; not for his performance on-field, but for a wrongly timed photograph that’s now going viral.
A picture of the Indian skipper was posted on an Instagram page where Kohli is seen ogling at current T20 anchor Archana Vijaya’s ripped jeans.
While the anchor without a doubt is a glam diva, poor Virat Kohli was merely caught in a bad timing where he simply appears to be taking a peek at the iPad placed on her lap. Well, the image sure is proof of how celebrities face scandals that many a times do not even exist.
As for the Archana Vijaya, the glamorous anchor made a grand comeback by hosting the Extraa Innings show on Sony Maxx yet again. Having hosted multiple seasons in the past, Archana sure does seem to be good job as a TV presenter.
Here’s a closer look at the anchor…


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