Bullfighting to Basejumping, These 10 Extreme Sports See More Deaths & Injuries than Any Other

    Sports have an undeniable appeal to them partly because of the fact that some of us watching from our coaches can never hope of competing at such a high level. There are sports such as cricket, tennis and badminton, which we can go out and play not necessarily needing to be an expert. But then there are some extreme sports which make us shudder to think about trying them out.
    Base Jumping
    These extreme sports also account for maximum number of deaths as those participating in them stare at death at every moment. Death defying athletes participating in these extreme sports display the pinnacle of human courage as these modern gladiators continue to push the limits of what human body can do.
    From riding a deadly beast to jumping from a plane, some sports are earmarked for adrenaline junkies and non-experts should stay away from them at all cost as the only safe way to enjoy them is from your couch watching them on your TV screens.
    We have listed out some of these extreme sports which have seen maximum number of deaths compared to any other.

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